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10 Things Women With Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Will Understand

We all realize what makes a high-up keep lady-a lady, a full face beat of cosmetics consistently, the ideal outfit and coordinating heels for each event. Also it takes a decent extended period of time before she goes out. Some people are brought into the world with an extraordinary sense of fashion, and what goes with what, and what accessory you have to make that outfit attention grabbing. But some people don’t really think to too hard about fashion they really don’t care. They hate spending a lot of time choosing something to wear, and it’s usually a last minute decision for them. Here’s to the young ladies who don’t generally think much about style, or other people’s opinion really however more about comfort and just living their life.

I woke up like this

It takes you less than an hour to get ready including taking a shower, and it confuses you why women take forever to get ready. You might even get ready quicker than your male folks all that make up wearing, where’s my channel bag, I can’t find an earring, and this shoe doesn’t match with this outfit just totally isn’t you.

If you actually look at your wardrobe 90% of your outfits is jeans and t-shirts

This is every women with low maintenance sense toward fashion’s whole point.

It makes dressing up extremely simply what are you going to put on today? You don’t even take time to even think about an outfit, toss on the main pair of jeans and t-shirt that your hand reaches the first. And just like that you’re reading to rock and roll.

Make up tutorials scare you

You find makeup a bit scary you understand the basics like lipstick and mascara, and might even put a tiny bit of them when you’re leaving the house. But when you’re watching tutorials and you read the title “full face beat” you don’t even click on it as the word face beating is just a bit too much for you. Contouring, baking, concealing, primer and highlighting is too alarming for you.

Heels are not your style

Your feet aching all night is just not you, at whatever point you hear that you need to wear heels to an occasion, you get significantly less energized and your hype goes from a straight 10 to 3. Then you get all spruced up, and get some sort of excitement Heels aren’t so awful you know, your legs look much longer and taller. You should wear them more frequently! After an hour or 2 partially through the occasion, you get flashbacks why you disdain and hate heels and wish they were never a thing. In your mind you’re thinking can this event end already? I can’t see myself in this for another hour.

When it’s time to get bossy

At the point when you previously found a new line of work that necessary you to dress business proficient, you cried a smidgen in light of the fact sincerely what would you be able to wear. At that point you made sense of that you could shake business proficient, by blending and coordinating a small bunch of things, you’ve just aced that procedure.

No thanks

Jewelry no thanks! You find jewelry’s a weight that you can’t bare on where ever they are on from your body. You just don’t find all those extra things necessary.

Come on now, why though?

You can’t rap your head around why so many women choice to stay 3-4 in salons just to get their hair done and you just don’t understand the fact. Luckily for you though bobby pins and basic hair bands are your most expensive hair-timing products you own.

You tell everyone you’re going to the gym so you can stay in a tracksuit all day

Setting off to the gym is truly only a reason for you to stay in your comfortable tracksuit clothes for quite a long time maybe even the whole day.

You step back when your friends invite you to a girly day out.

Not me going shopping again is the first thing that comes on your mind, because shopping is like a chore for you. You somehow try to avoid the situation, and if you can’t you try to convince them that you will only be wearing a jacket over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Glasses over contacts any day

You pick glasses over contacts because they’re way easier to use, and your contacts that you spent money on just sit in the drawer.