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Autumn/Winter 2020 Fashion Color Guide

Autumn/Winter 2020 Fashion Color Guide

Each season has its own color palette, and the Pantone Color Institute proposes the ten most fashionable shades accompanied by the four neutrals to make different and personal approaches and create unique individual combinations. New York Fashion exudes energy and freshness.It could be defined as a combination of positive strength and cool classicism.

Shop for eye-catching coats, everyday accessories, and cold-weather must-haves ideal for the next drop in temperatures, and remember: less is more this season, and investing in practical wardrobe essentials is just common sense. Now is the perfect time to get inspired and update your wardrobe with the classic pieces we've selected below.

Here are the Top 10 colors as well as four classic neutrals suggested by the Pantone Institute for Autumn / Winter 2020:

1.  Samba


These pops of color brighten everyone's day and instantly enhance your wardrobe. Instead of going for traditional shades, try something strong, like red. Find the shade that best suits your skin tone and rock it completely. Add accessories like bag, chains and a funky pair of heels. It is a perfect color that will hepl you to stand out from the crowd. 

2.  Amberglow



Amberglow, a warm orange sure to energize your outfits. It's time to enjoy some winter citrus! Bright and vivid orange hues can be paired with everything from blue denim to brown leather. It brings creativity and happiness.

3.  Sandstone


This color is delicate and soft that brings to mind luxurious cashmere or cozy fleece. Sandstone also gives off an impeccable touch in muted and natural sandy shade that connects well with the autumnal surroundings.

4.  Classic Blue


Worn on its own it sounds classic and formal but with vibrant colors it conveys joy and glamor. Blues took over the Autumn/Winter 2020 colors, and classic blue stood out as Pantone's Color of the Year for 2020. This deep but vivid blue is extremely versatile and rich in possibilities.

5.  Green Sheen:


This color can be described as a strong citrusy yellowish green. Vibrant, Bright and Optimistic will make your outfits prominent in any occasion. But if you like to combine this beautiful color with neutrals it will give a colorful touch to your looks. This strong acid yellow was one of the brightest colors on the fall 2020 runway. It's a warm and hungry color that really stood out from all the earthy and blue colors this season.

6.  Rose Tan

This dusty rose can be considered as a mature evolution of the millennial pink that adds calm, sophistication and romance to your outfits. Calm is a great way to describe many of the autumn / winter 2020 color trends, pink tan among them. This dusty rose is serious and serene, and since it is truly neutral it can be extremely flattering on everyone.

7.  Ultramarine Green:

Elegance and depth can be associated with ultramarine green, which is a bluish green in perfect harmony with the cool tones of the palette and neutrals.

Pantone describes it as an expression that radiates "confidence and poise", and for us, it is a color with a lot of sophistication and a bit of daring. We guarantee, you cannot resist this shade of garment like head to toe.

8.  Fired Brick

Strong and powerful reddish brown, the perfect companion for neutral and avant-garde textures. It's another mature and timeless shade for a commodity season, although we found that it still has a little touch of glamor. Fired brick leather used for jackets, pants, and even a pair of overalls.


9.  Peach Nougat:

Feminine and delicate, this pastel orange rose pairs well with Rose Tan for delicate outfits. Peach Nougat has retro vibes and seems like a great option to pair with neutrals and Military Olive. A warm pink to light up the coldest winter days.

This color is very soft and feminine. You can used it in a very mature way. Pantone emphasizes its nurturing and maternal qualities, so you can consider it one of those Autumn / Winter 2020 color trends that will take care of you during the cold and harsh seasons.

10. Magenta Purple:

This is a deep, deep purple shade. A fascinating option that not everyone will dare to wear. Magenta purple has become everyone’s personal all time favorite from the Autumn/Winter 2020 color. It is a dark and deep that compliment you with glamor and royalty.

The Autumn/Winter 2020 Classics:

1.  Almond Oil


It is described as a polished and shiny off-white. You can make fancy outfits on your own, but it's also the ideal shade for rich color combinations.

Almond oil was the second off-white shade to take over the tracks, but unlike jet stream, it leans towards heat. It's flavorful, a natural, smooth and appetizing shade that feels buttery, but since it's inspired by almonds, it's totally vegan too.

2.  Blue Depths

This shade belongs to the almost black blue tones that reflect mystery and refinement. Pantone rated this warm and reliable navy as neutral, although it's just a touch more saturated than most, it can still serve as a dependable backbone for any wardrobe. Designers creating garments for professionals used it a lot, making it one of the key color trends of Autumn/Winter 2020.

3.  Sleet

It is a gray related to longevity and classicism. Sleet conveys refinement and distinction. Smart and stylish on its own, it also pairs well with the pinks, blues, and oranges in the palette. The season's winning gray is a light color variation that leans slightly towards the cool, so it will work with all the other cool colors of the season. The shade came in various fabrics, lengths, and silhouettes, so any item you choose this season in this color will still look stylish even for a few decades.

4.  Military Olive

An unconditional green shade that can be the basis for earthy neutral outfits or enrich more daring combinations. We’ve  surprised how here we are for the military olive tree, but this semi-neutral completely convinced us. This is a strong color that takes no prisoners, and wearing it will add a bit of weight to your stride.