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The Ultimate Guide To Sorting Out Your Summer Clothes

As we rush into the crazy schedules at fall brings, one thing you won’t want to speed through is sorting out your summer clothes. That is if you want to keep them in nice shape for next year, a lot of us when we open our closet we look in there and we think I haven’t worn half of these stuff in a year. So how can you sort through and pick out what you want and what you don’t want? Luckily the answer is simply just start by going through anything that doesn’t fit you perfectly, or anything that you’re just no longer feeling.  So I will break this down into 4 steps, into how you can sort out your summer clothes and have a closet that you love.

Do a giant closet clear out

Take everything out of your closet and throw it on your bed, go through each piece one by one and decide what you want to hang on to, and what you want to part ways with. This is something you have to do if you want to get sorted and organized with your wardrobe, so literally take everything out leave no piece behind. Narrow on the things that you absolutely love, but narrow smart make sure you hold on to all the important thing like shorts, cropped tops, body con dresses or summer dresses whatever you call them. What you should do is evaluate your clothes between what’s trending and what isn’t, you definitely wouldn’t want to get rid of an outfit or a piece that’s trending.  If you have a lot of clothes to go through, make sure you set aside a good chunk of time that you can just dedicate to doing this.

Is this who I am now?

Focus on each piece when you’re doing your giant clear out, when you’re looking at each piece one by one ask yourself two questions is this who I am now? Does this piece of clothing reflect to how I want my style to be?  If your answer is no to either of those questions then maybe it’s time to move on from that piece. This really helps you focus on the style that you want that is you in this moment, and also how you want your style to evolve.

Actually get organized

Step number four is to actually get organized with your wardrobe, so once you have done your full clear out you have the pieces that you’re going to be keeping, now is the perfect time to put them away. Since your closet is completely empty because you took everything out from the start, this is the perfect time to organize things how you want to organize them. To have that fresh and perfect wardrobe that you’ve always dreamed of, there are a couple of different ways you can sort out your clothing. I’m going to mention out a couple of ways you can sort them out it.  

The first way is by style, it’s the easiest and what works best, so organizing by style is basically having all of your dresses in a section, having all your tops in a section, your jeans That way in a day were you feel like wearing a certain outfit you know exactly where to find it instead of going through the entire wardrobe.

Sorting out by color

This is extremely visual pleasing if you organize your clothing by color, you can have everything laid up from light to dark. So you have all your whites in one end all your blacks on the other end to make it like a nice gradient throughout the middle, and it looks really clean fresh and organized.

Another way you can sort your wardrobe is by length, and I think this looks awesome if you have your wardrobe out on display. Basically if you have your clothes in different lengths which I’m assuming you do and we all do, this would be a great choice too. It’s like a nice diagonal line from long to short, or short to long however you want to sort them out whatever floats your boat really.

Edit your closet regularly

This is so important cleaning your closet regularly really helps you stay on top of things, and narrow down your style even more. The more you edit your wardrobe the easier everything becomes, it just really helps you stay on track with your personal style as well.