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Top 10 Winter Party Dresses

Top 10 Winter Party Dresses

We all know that winter parties are extremely beautiful, and a lot of people love doing them. The styles between winter parties and summer parties are quite different when we think of summer parties we think very light, very airy fun colors and prints right? And when we think of winter parties what comes on our minds is more glam, deeper colors, jewel tone, sequins, sparkles, and darker florals. You can vamp it up more on for winter parties, I’m going to mention 10 winter party dresses that you can wear to an upcoming winter party.

Light color sparkly dress

This long sleeve sparkly dress should be your go when it comes to winter parties, the color of it is just amazing you can rock it with any hair and makeup. It’s more of that blush pink color, but the sparkles really make it seem on season and go perfectly with a winter party. Even though the color is a little bit lighter, the sparkles help bring some depth to this look and make it a complete stand out. For a foot wear you can match it up with some light color shoes, like a very pale blush pink almost nude heels, and those just match perfectly.

Dark floral dress

Darker floral dresses are perfect for a winter party, if you have any kind of dark floral dresses in your wardrobe then you can definitely style up

For a winter party. These dresses are really beautiful if you actually look at them, the way they have flowers embroidered all over them. When you’re picking a floral dress for a winter party you should go for the longer length ones. As they give you more winter vibes, and asymmetrical hemline a little bit.

Lacy dress

Lacy dresses shouldn’t even be a question when it comes to winter party outfits they are so elegant gorgeous. These dresses don’t even require much styling, they do all of the talking for the type of outfit they are.

Off the shoulder dresses

Off the shoulder dresses are very comfortable dresses, and they come in a great material that is stretchy easy to move in easy to dance with. They can literally be worn to a lot of places not just winter parties. Make sure you add some heels to them as these type of dresses come in lengthy.

Long sleeve see through dress

Long sleeve lengthy see through dresses are absolutely stunning and they make you stand out. You can do them casual and wear some flatter foot wear, or you can wear them with heels and make your look dressy. These dresses can really go either way it just depends on the length of your dress really.


Jump suits are definitely winter party outfits they are easy to move in, when you’re at a party you want to feel comfortable. You don’t want to feel constricted in a tight dress, you want to be able to move you don’t want to be the person that’s just sitting there. While everyone else is doing the electric slide, you want to be up moving and socializing, but also feel comfortable at the same time. I think jump suits are a great option for that.

Monochromatic dress

Now the challenge of winter parties is not only how to stay warm, but also how to stay chic once you get to the venue. Because most likely it will be pretty warm once you go inside. When it comes to monochromatic dresses, you should fancy them up a bit with a coat since they go well together.

Polka dotty dress

Polka dotty dresses are really cute dresses that are beautiful and comfortable. They are a very good choice for someone that’s trying to dress appropriate, and for foot wear you can rock them with tanya by far mules.

Turtleneck winter jumper body con

 These type of dresses fit really nice and they are comfortable, neat and appropriate. I definitely would recommend them for a winter party, or any event that’s scheduled on a cold weather. Turtleneck winter jumper body-con are dresses that keep you very warm, because you’re literally covered from your neck down to your very toes.

Slip dress

 Slip dresses are the type of dresses that you would want to wear, if you want to look extra spicy. They have a soft satin finish and they hug your body very tightly, you would probably want to throw in some spanx from the inside.

Keep in mind to wear a jacket on top of all these outfits that you can easily take off when you go inside since the inside is pretty warm.